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Sunday, September 29, 2013

How to Escape Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction - A serious problem
Getting addicted to drinking alcohol has serious consequences. It damages the liver and disrupts the normal metabolic activities of the human body. It is difficult to quit but not impossible. Here are a few steps which can be followed to escape from alcohol addiction.

Do not let the intention to die
The intention to quit must be strong and you must first make up your mind clear that you will not be touching them again. You need to think that alcohol is your enemy and you are going to quit drinking for your own welfare. You must not feel that you are forced to stop drinking just because of advice from someone but rather in the bottom of the heart must have the feeling that it was you who initiated and wanted to quit. If you do not have that intention, then there are chances that when that person who wanted you to quit alcohol is not around, you may consume it.

Get rid of everything that reminds you of alcohol
It is recommended that you get rid of all bottles from your premises. If you feel you have guests who drink, then it is definitely not wrong to offer them tea or coffee or any soft drink at least till you are completely out of the addiction. It is better not to visit friends whom you fear that joining with them would make you resume drinking alcohol.

Avoid social drinking during this phase
When you are in the phase of quitting alcohol addiction, it is better to avoid social drinking, as it may tempt you to consume more. There is no necessity to feel shy to say your colleagues that you want to quit alcohol and that is the reason you are not drinking in parties. If you find it difficult to avoid drinking, then it is better not to attend the parties, at least till you are completely out of that addiction.

Consult Rehabilitation Centre
There are several rehabilitation centres around which help you to get rid of alcohol. They train you, motivate you and be with you as you work out to come out of the addiction. The doctors over there would measure your body health and other conditions and update you during the phase. You can also consult a doctor in private without reaching rehabilitation centre. The only advantage of rehabilitation centre is that you will have fear in your heart that someone is monitoring you.

Measure your success
Once you decide to quit and working towards it, then measure how much you drunk previous month, previous week and now. You can feel the difference as you start quitting. You will have a different way of feeling hunger, thirst and the outside world will start seeming to look beautiful to your eyes. It is necessary to make up your mind so that you are strong till you reach a point where you do not drink the entire month. You are completely out of addiction, when you see a bottle of alcohol right in front of your eyes and do not dare to touch it.

Help others to quit
This may seem a bit weird but this has a strong impact on you quitting the alcohol permanently. When you help and advice others, by default you will feel the pressure to quit greatly reduced. When you advice your friend or someone about the negative consequences of drinking alcohol, and joining rehabilitation centre to help others, you are making sure that you do not touch alcohol again.